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Diplopia : Series

Taking an innovative approach to photography. Hahn's images are created not with digital manipulation but with one click of the camera. Capturing a parallax perspective, detached from context, she expands spatial depth altering our visual sense of reality. Brilliant color spaces meet complex patterns and unfold a startlingly unique visual every time. 


Hahn's Diplopia series of photographs are printed onto aluminum giving the images an added omnipresent holographic feeling.

Revenant 1

Marian Devotions vs The Light of the Sun

Parallax & Space-Time 1

Paragalactic Synesthesia

Paragalactic Synesthesia

Paragalactic Synesthesia

Revenant 4

Parallax & Space-Time 2


Parallax & Space-Time 3

Parallax & Space-Time 4

Revenant 3

Revenant 2

Lunar Devotions

Solar Devotions

Marian Devotions


Tempo builds upon nature's complex design through choreographed rhythmic movements to the tempo of music. Using a timed movement through space, one exposure is used to arrive at the final image. 


The images are printed on a metal substrate. A second dynamic dimension emerges creating a playground for light to effect her work through as the light changes throughout the day. 


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